Child Custody

Do you think your ex-husband or wife shouldn’t have custody of your children because of his or her background or current activities? Many times it’s difficult to prove in court the things you might know as fact because you lack hard evidence. With the help of experienced private investigators, however, you can bring to light the truth to protect yourself, your children, and your family. Upstate Investigators, LLC is the clear choice for all child custody disputes, especially when there are issues of credibility and criminality involved.

The Problems of Child Custody

Child custody battles are often ugly, drawn-out affairs in which both parents can, and often do, turn dirty. Credibility gets called into question, finances are exposed in a public setting, and various personal events end up being disclosed for the world to see. Worst of all, the final decision as to who will be granted custody truly is out of the parents’ hands.

But what if part of the reason for the divorce was your spouse’s deficiencies as a parent? Was he or she abusive? Did he or she not give the children the attention and time they deserved? Were your ex-spouse’s personal habits so detrimental you would worry about the children’s safety while with your ex? These are the kinds of questions that will come up in court, but without a way to prove them, it’ll be tough to convince a judge.

With Upstate Investigators, LLC however, you’ll be able to get the proof you need to ensure that your children end up in the right hands . . . ours. We’ll work with you to uncover the truth about your ex’s neglect, and we will bring it all to light in the courtroom. Our experience in law enforcement and our credibility in the courtroom just may be the tools you need to protect your children and your family.